Youth Group (Middle School-High School)

I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?  Isaiah 43:19                                                                                               

Potomac Presbyterian Youth Group and Fellowship in Partnership with St. Francis Episcopal Church, 10033 River Road, Potomac, MD 20854

We will partner with the youth at St. Francis Episcopal Church in Potomac Village in order to learn more about the love of God and be in relationship with others who seek to grow deeper in their faith.

  • When:  Second & Fourth Sunday Evenings
  • Time:  6:00 – 8:00pm
  • What:  Dinner, Games, Fellowship, Teaching
  • Who:  The youth from both churches
  • Ages:  Middle School youth & Senior High youth
  • Leader:  Father Mac Stewart, a Ph.D. student/seminarian who leads Sunday morning services at St. Francis and leads Sunday evening youth programs is ready, willing and eager to partner with us while we are in transition.
  • Dinner:  Provided by parents of the hosting church
  • How:  2nd Sunday at St. Francis and 4th Sunday at Potomac Presbyterian Church
  • Dates to put on your calendars

09/23/18 at Potomac                       Dinner:  Asbury & Beardall

10/14/18 at St. Francis

10/28/18 at Potomac                       Dinner:  Bedingfield & Conway

11/11/18 at St. Francis

11/25/18 at Potomac                       Dinner:  D’Andrea & Davies

12/9/18 at St. Francis

12/23/18 at Potomac                       Dinner:  Koonce & Kuhn

Youth Christmas Party/Bring a White Elephant Gift

01/13/19 at St. Francis

01/27/19 at Potomac                       Dinner:  Kunst & Lawrence

02/10/19 at St. Francis

02/24/19 at Potomac                       Dinner:  Mamalian & McFeaters

03/10/19 at St. Francis

03/24/19 at Potomac                       Dinner:  Moore & Pettway

04/14/19 at St. Francis

04/28/19 at Potomac                       Dinner:  Phillips & Rogers

05/12/19 at St. Francis

05/26/19 at Potomac                       Dinner:  Shively & Smith

06/09/19 at St. Francis

  • Plan to prepare dinner for 20 and set up and clean up in fellowship hall.  Coordinate with your dinner partner who will bring what.
  • We hope to add a bimonthly mission event.