Work Day Four–Thursday!

Although it was hard waking up from a long and somewhat enjoyable day off, everyone gobbled up Emily, Ed, and Charlie's amazing egg casserole. Left-overs were then given to our neighbors. We eventually made it to the worksite, just to realize we had to rip down everything we did on Tuesday. While the team worked [...]

Day Three-Wednesday Play Day

Our day began with a 6:00 am wake up call-pretty early for a rest day! A quick breakfast then we began the two hour drive through every small town in southern West Virginia by loading up the vans and heading to Oak Hill that is, New River , Ace Lake Adventure. The Ace Adventure Park [...]

Work Day Dos (2)

Greetings Earthlings. Today the Stunnas (Teddy Andrew, Jack Dager, Sam Spencer, and Jack White) were viciously disturbed from their overnight couch slumber party extravaganza by sixteen hooligans claiming that it was timr to chow down on some pancakes. This claim turned out to be false as we were faced with a substance disguised as food. [...]

Work Day #1

Wake up today was at 6:30 sharp (like the glass from the shattered lasagna plate) and got to enjoy the wake up call of grits, bacon, and eggs. While we were enjoying the feast, we were joined by members of the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance who informed us of the challenges of the worksite and the [...]

Day 2 is done!!

This morning we woke up early to get ready for church at the local Presbyterian church (Gilbert Presbyterian). We got to hear from Barbara Chalfant, Associate for Mission for the Presbytery of WV. It was a wonderful experience. Then we headed to Logan, WV for our annual shopping trip! As always it was fun and [...]