Tuesday and Wednesday!!

Day 2 and 3 The PPC Youth has had a very eventful past two days. From building houses for Habitat for Humanity to visiting centers for dealing with addiction, we have had to do it all. Tuesday: The day abruptly started at 7:00, which for some is too early. After breakfast, our group delved deep [...]


This morning we woke up before the sun rose, too early (7am). The other mission trippers from the First United Presbyterian Church prepared a scrumptious breakfast of bagels and cereal for all of us. After our nutritious start, we had a quick devotion lead by the team leaders from RYM (Raleigh Youth Mission). After losing [...]

Work Day Four–Thursday!

Although it was hard waking up from a long and somewhat enjoyable day off, everyone gobbled up Emily, Ed, and Charlie's amazing egg casserole. Left-overs were then given to our neighbors. We eventually made it to the worksite, just to realize we had to rip down everything we did on Tuesday. While the team worked [...]