This morning we woke up before the sun rose, too early (7am). The other mission trippers from the First United Presbyterian Church prepared a scrumptious breakfast of bagels and cereal for all of us. After our nutritious start, we had a quick devotion lead by the team leaders from RYM (Raleigh Youth Mission).

After losing our guide on the highway we all safely arrived at Kirk of Kildare, a nearby church providing a summer camp for low-income families. The church provided the campers their first meal and our group’s second breakfast. We proceeded lead groups of campers ranging from the ages of 6 months (thanks for taking care of the diapers Abigail) to 11 years. We had fun playing and mentoring these kids all morning. Groups played baseball and soccer, jumped rope, and drew with chalk. There were also craft stations inside, where the campers made BEAUTIFUL paper flowers. Then we had lunch with the kids, said our goodbyes, and left Kirk of Kildaire.

After Kirk of Kildaire, we split up into three separate groups. Two groups went to separate refugee centers, and one group went to an adult daycare for adults with Alzheimer’s and Dimensia. At the refugee welcome houses, we helped the kids learn to read and practice math. Then we all went outside with our kids to play a big game of soccer, and smaller games of tag. We met a lot of special children, including Amanii and Yaphet, who were so happy and positive. It was really sweet to work with them, and not only did we teach them, but they taught us too. After that, these groups went back to the church.

The better of the three groups (Haley, Harrison, Nick, Matthew, and Max) drove back to the church right after the Kirk of Kildaire and then embarked on foot to Ruth’s Sheets, the adult daycare. This is a facility that takes care of elderly people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia so that their adult children can go to work without worrying about their parents’ safety. Our sole job there to was to bring smiles to the residents’ faces. We played two extremely competitive games of cornhole with the residents, which resulted in two things: Red team being victorious twice, and Harrison obtaining a not-so-secret admirer. This lovely lady Lulu was in a trance when confronted by Harrison, as he dashingly turned to her and stated, “here is your bean bag”. This meant-to-be relationship was sadly broken up when we had to depart from the facility, after chatting with the residents.

All three of the groups finally gathered together in the living area and had a much-needed meal. We then returned to the common area and did our nightly devotion, sang some songs, and played very intense card games.

The night ended with two very dedicated newbies, and one grammar freak writing an extremely long blog about their day.

Expect Vlogs mission trip 2k19!

Signing off now! Good night America!

– Beverly “typewriter” D’Andrea, Tali Smith, and Matthew “the grammar freak” Mamalian


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