Mission Team arrives in Raleigh, NC!

Fair Presbyterians of Potomac,

Today was a doozie.

It all started with the bodacious sendoff from the congregation. We all felt like kings and queens having the people wave us out as we started on our journey.

As expected, not long after putting rubber to pavement, Ed burned said rubber, and left everyone in his dust, not to be seen again until arriving in Raleigh. As for the other teams, they enjoyed a smooth ride, hair blowing in the summer breeze.

The teams traveled at their own pace, arriving at a local Subway at wildly different times. Alas, everyone funneled through the assembly line and jammed their faces with those gourmet ‘wiches.

After the grub, we all departed at the same time, only 10 minutes away from the final destination. Once we arrived, the gang attempted the feat of carrying every parcel of luggage up the flight of stairs, as the team of supervisors from the First Presbyterian Church welcomed us into their loving, open arms.

Our group was introduced into the male and female sleeping quarters, and right after, we played an intense round of Abundance Bingo, which is pretty much a sport. We had to survey the room to find people who fit the requirements of each squares prompt. It’s way easier than it sounds described. Eliza dubbed a little too quickly, leading to suspicion as to the validity of her win. She managed to dodge the charges.

Everyone fled to the church’s gym for icebreaker games and ultimate frisbee, which lived up to its name, as scars were created and blood-feuds were established.

Sweaty and tired, the gang retreated to the outstandingly luxurious showers to prepare for the night life at the church. Songs were sung, violins were played, and friendships were strengthened.

‘Twas a magical start to our week.


Sir Jack “The Dagger” Dager, and Teddy

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  1. Love the comentary, and love you all. Thank you for your service to others. Stay safe and have fun. Nice gym!


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