Work Day Four–Thursday!

Although it was hard waking up from a long and somewhat enjoyable day off, everyone gobbled up Emily, Ed, and Charlie’s amazing egg casserole. Left-overs were then given to our neighbors. We eventually made it to the worksite, just to realize we had to rip down everything we did on Tuesday. While the team worked hard on ripping down walls, Jack and Roman sat down and talked with the local residents, making great connections. After we finished tearing down the wall, we re-screwed the wall, making sure everything was FLUSH. Chandler and Eliza continued to work on the neighbors roof, and bonded with him about music and he was even nice enough to show everyone his electric guitar. Jack and Roman continued to talk with the families, while Sam played with the little kids. Back in the trailer Charlie, Molly, and Sam ripped out insulation in the ceiling. We continued to screw in new walls, finishing the whole front, end, and part of the back of the trailer. After a hard day at work, a few stayed after to help Ed finish screwing in walls, and the rest went back to the church to get ready to go to back to the worksite to have a “weenie-roast” with the families. However due to rainy weather, we instead hosted the families back at the church. We had a great night filled with homemade chili(that the families cooked) and some John Denver tunes (played by one of the neighbors.) After they left, we had a devotion talking about living water and how it related to the nature and activities around us. For the rest of the night we played a few games, watched the video from rafting, and wrote each other care cards. All in all…great fourth day here in Hampden, West Virginia.

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