Work Day Dos (2)

Greetings Earthlings.
Today the Stunnas (Teddy Andrew, Jack Dager, Sam Spencer, and Jack White) were viciously disturbed from their overnight couch slumber party extravaganza by sixteen hooligans claiming that it was timr to chow down on some pancakes. This claim turned out to be false as we were faced with a substance disguised as food. The so called “pancakes” (product of Abigail Spencer) were quite sub-par when contrasted with the usual FDA approved health conditions. When Abigail was finished claiming “It was the Bisquik’s fault,” we loaded up the cars and rolled out to the tunes of the Wild West (West Virginia).

When we arrived on the scene, we were greeted by a familiar face (Frederick or Aflac (depending on who you ask) the Duck). We exclaimed, “Wha good” as we proceeded to unload the building necessities, and stored them underneath the trailer. We soon discovered that all the progress we achieved yesterday was meaningless, as we began our work day by demolishing the previous day’s results. More demolition ensued and the trail of destruction left a wall-less structure in its wake. With no walls in the house, it became apparent that the insulation (or insulin, as Maddie thought it was called) needed to be stripped as well. In the barren trailer, it was much easier to see that a lot of the foundational wood was withering away, much like the Stunna’s Snack Stash when gambling their food during card games. We encircled the trailer with hammers and began furiously beating the rotten wood to a pulp. Once the wood was out, we put the pedal to the metal and constructed exterior walls for 3 of 4 sides of the trailer.

At around this time, Jack White and Chandler were stolen from the group and were ferociously forced to install metal sheets to one of the neighbor’s roofs and were MIA for several hours. This work was disrupted by a kitten sighting which captured the attention of all the female Mission Trippers and Matthew Mammalian, followed by a prank pulled by the neighbors in which a fake Copperhead snake was placed under a piece of wood that caused mass anarchy at the work site. This stunt was enough to get everyone to load up into their cars and roll out once again (it actually just happened to take place right at our scheduled time of departure).

Before showers, the ol’ team geared up for another mean game of Ultimate Frisbee in which two victims were thrusted into the creek to retrieve the lost disc (Chandler is absolutely atrocious when it comes to throwing a frisbee). After a second injury to Teddy’s left elbow, the gang showered (separately) and ate dinner. Spaghetti was tonight’s dish, and we feasted as much as one would expect from a group of teenagers who purposefully skipped breakfast (It definitely was not the Bisquik).

Teddy and Sam led devotion after dinner and it was unlike anything explained by science (no bias from the current writer) and the group absolutely loved it (no bias from the current writer). There was a fun-filled game of Indoor Blindfolded Tag directed by team members without blindfolds. Everyone loved that (no bias from the current writer).

It is currently 9:57. We have less than three minutes before Emily captures us and forces us to imprisonment in our room, which we will defy at our own risk by relocating to the couches once more. We can hear her footsteps on the stairs. We are out of time. Goodbye and good luck everyone. This may be the last you hear from us.

P.S. – Thank you Deacons for the gift bags. Everyone really appreciated the kind words and the goodies you gave.

Deuces – Teddy Andrew and Jack Dager

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