Work Day #1

Wake up today was at 6:30 sharp (like the glass from the shattered lasagna plate) and got to enjoy the wake up call of grits, bacon, and eggs. While we were enjoying the feast, we were joined by members of the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance who informed us of the challenges of the worksite and the benefits of working here in Hampden, West Virginia. While at breakfast, we also got to enjoy many scarring copperhead tales that will forever be engraved into our minds. Then we helped the carpenters to load the truck with lumber and wooden beams and then we headed to the worksite. This year we got to experience a new change. Everyone got assigned the same worksite, but each group got placed into different tasks within the worksite. the brutal rain hindered our productivity, but in essence our day can be defined in three words: lift, hang, and screw! While teams one and three spent the morning tearing off the shingles and unscrewing the nails on the trailer, team two took a mathematical approach for the wall building project led by Harrison and Charlie. Due to the rain we ate lunch in our cars and participated in interactive discussions concerning the rooting nature of God’s love. Post lunch all the teams put up more walls and before we knew it, quitting time was upon us at around 3:30. We returned to the church and everyone was desperate for a shower!!! When everyone was cleansed Teddy, Sam, Roman, Emily M., and of course, THE Ed Tennent got our delicious supper underway. After some amazing shrimp gumbo, we closed our day with cards, ultimate frisbee, a group game of interactive “Never have I Ever” and a well led closing devotion by Maddie and Charlotte!!! AND THE REST IS HISTORY……..


  1. Susan’s face says it all! 🙂 Sending prayers for hard work, good sleep, lots of laughter, plenty of hydration, and God sightings all around you!


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