Image 6-16-17 at 9.35 PMTonight we are all busy getting ready to head to West Virginia tomorrow morning. We are looking forward to the week ahead. The work is only just beginning but our group is ready to tackle whatever challenges and joy the week may bring.

You will be able to find a nightly update from each work site right here on our blog! There will be photos, stories, and more to share with you all.

Throughout the week we read letters and notes from members of the congregation. If you have any words of wisdom, joy, or encouragement please email Emily, emily.powers@potomacpresbyterian.org, with them! We look forward to hearing from you! 

Also a reminder to join us on Sunday June 25th at 10AM, when trip participants will be planning and leading worship. There will be a lunch following the service (in Fellowship Hall) to thank you for your support before, during, and after our trip.

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